Thank you for considering this petition to request the release of Ramon Mendoza Pascual from the NWDC based on humanitarian concerns. The letter below will be addressed to Ramon's deportation officer and ICE Seattle Field Officer. Please read and sign below to support our request. We are calling all community, faith leaders, and advocates to stress the urgency of Ramon's release. If you have any questions regarding this letter please email us.

Seattle, April 30th of 2015

Immigration and Custom Enforcement
Enforcement and Removal Operations
Seattle Field Office
12500 Tukwila International Boulevard
Seattle, WA, 98168

Dear Officers,

We come to you as a collective of community, faith leaders, and advocates to respectfully request the supervised release of Ramon Mendoza Pascual, A#205868678, detained at the Northwest Detention Center, based on humanitarian concerns.

We are extremely troubled by the evident deterioration of Mr. Mendoza’s mental health since the time he was first detained. Family members, advocates, and professionals working closely with Mr. Mendoza have observed the dramatic decline of his wellbeing.

According to reports from mental health professionals working with Mr. Mendoza, he presented fine last year at this time whereas today Mr. Mendoza is struggling with severe depression, paranoid, and suicidal ideation. As noted by Judge Odell, there has not been any significant change of circumstance in Mr. Mendoza’s case. His deterioration, it follows, can only be attributed to his prolonged detention. 

In light of his present health condition we urge you to consider his supervised release. While there are mental health services available within the NWDC, Mr. Mendoza has not sought them out due to political concerns. We share his impression that mental health providers working within the detention center are subject to what the report of Physicians for Human Rights have called “dual loyalties” which refer to the difficult position in which mental health providers are placed working within contexts where their patients and employers hold conflicting interests. 

Mr. Mendoza has instead sought support through the community of advocates, requesting mental health services from a volunteer-based organization. 

We also urge you to consider the many family and community ties that Mr. Mendoza enjoys locally. Mr. Mendoza is not a threat to community safety nor a flight risk, as he would do everything in his power to regularize his immigration status if given the chance. 

Mr. Mendoza has inspired many of us by modeling a commitment to peacefully speaking out against inhumane conditions during a hunger strike at the Northwest Detention Center last year. The strike revealed violations of due process, unjust deportations, inhumane detention conditions, exploitation of detainee labor, and retaliatory use of solitary confinement against detainees like Mr. Mendoza.

We request that Mr. Mendoza’s human rights are respected and urge you to release him immediately based on the humanitarian concerns described herein.



  1. Maria-Jose Soerens, Executive Director, Puentes: Advocacy, Counseling & Education
  2. Rich Stolz, Executive, Director, One America
  3. Peter Bloch Garcia, Latino Community Fund of Washington
  4. Joseph Castleberry, President, Northwest University
  5. Hilary Stern, Executive Director, Casa Latina
  6. Noel Castellanos, CEO & President, CCDA
  7. Krista Jensen    Washington DREAM Act Coalition
  8. Dianne Aid, President, Episcopal Network for Economic Justice.
  9. Eileen Suico, Pastor, National Evangelical immigration Table.
  10. Micky Jones    Transform Network
  11. Alexia Salvatierra    Co-Author, Faith-Rooted Organizing
  12. Alma Gutierrez    Colectiva Legal del Pueblo / Paralegal
  13. Rosamaria Graziani, Education Director, Latino Education & Training Institute
  14. Juan Jose Colmenares Naranjo, Presidente, El Comité
  15. Amy Walen, Community Member
  16. Tim Soerens, Co-Founding Director, Parish Collective
  17. Marcy Bowers, Director, Statewide Poverty Action Network
  18. Marty Rosenbluth, Faculty, Elon University School of Law
  19. Angelica Chazaro, Faculty, University of Washington School of Law
  20. Chris Holowaty, Pastor, Foursquare Church
  21. Josh McQueen, Pastor, Overlake Christian Church
  22. Rebecca Sumner Everett Christian Church/Pastor
  23. Chelsie Frank, Quest Church Seattle 
  24. Haydee Vargas, Attorney
  25. Eva Navarro, Community Member
  26. Rolando Avila, Community Member
  27. Shelly Cote    Community Member
  28. Mele Morales   Community Member
  29. Ben Katt, Pastor, Awake Church
  30. Claire Burkitt, Director of Resource Development, Puentes
  31. Wendy Pantoja, Northwest Detention Center Resistance
  32. Natasha El-Sergany, Staff Attorney, Colectiva Legal del Pueblo
  33. Martha Ramos, El Comité
  34. Naomi Strand, NWDC Resistance, Organizer & Attorney
  35. Lani Bogart, Community Member
  36. Veronica lopez-verbera, Community Member
  37. Bina Ellefsen, JD
  38. Omar Jurado, Community Member
  39. Rev. Jeff Richards, Sacramento Presbytery
  40. Sharon Burkitt, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  41. Nanci Rodriguez, Community Member
  42. Laura Ortiz, Community Member
  43. Monica Campos, Community Member
  44. David Reyes    Community Member
  45. Edson Amezcua Gutierrez, Volunteer, Colectiva Legal Del Pueblo
  46. Daniel Harrison, Community Member
  47. Gertrud Nelson, Community Member
  48. Susan Hall, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  49. Terri Demaeyer, Community Member
  50. Alan Quinonez, Community Member
  51. Miguel Diaz, Community Member
  52. Cecili Thompson Williams, Community Member
  53. Emiko Badillo, Portland Vegans of Color
  54. Geoffrey Van Dragt, Pastor
  55. Cristine Ramsdale, mental health therapist
  56. Carly Brook, Pacific Lutheran University Student
  57. Alma Funes, Community Member
  58. Jeff Bettger, Executive Director, Artist Reformation
  59. Karen Gutierrez, Volunteer, Colectiva Legal del Pueblo
  60. Hannah Lemberg, Teacher
  61. Jorge Quiroga, Organizer and Pastoral Consul Member Saint Mary Church
  62. Victoria Gavia, University of Puget Sound Student
  63. Rev. W. Tali Hairston, Pentecostal Covenant Church
  64. Jeff Rogers, CEO, OneAccord
  65. Jonathan Moore, Immigration Law Legal Worker
  66. Rick Kendall, Pastor, City of Rain Covenant Church
  67. Christina Shimizu, Community Member
  68. Kathryn Hubbard, University Unitarian Church
  69. Andrea Wisner, attorney
  70. Monica Joffre,  Community Member
  71. Paula Martinez, Staff Attorney, Colectiva Legal del Pueblo
  72. Victor Diaz, Community Member