Our current programs

family Reunification workshops

Credit: Melanie Cervantes @Dignidad Rebelde

Credit: Melanie Cervantes @Dignidad Rebelde

Thanks to the generous support of The Seattle Foundation we will be launching an intergenerational workshop series in South King County for families separated for long periods of time due to immigration difficulties. This 8-week workshop will serve as a safe space for families learning how to live together again under the same roof. Our fall series will take place in Kent with more locations to come in the Spring. 

Accesible Counseling for "new" latino neighbors

“The Clinic” is a space for individuals and families affected by immigration policies to come and share their stories in safety. It’s a space cultivated for those who may not have the ability to access a more conventional mental health clinic due to barriers such as insurance (Medicaid), fear, or uncertainty. At “the Clinic” we offer counseling in Spanish, or “confidential teatime," for individuals of all ages. Additionally, we offer family counseling, peer empowerment groups, and peer empowerment partnerships. Our clinicians work collaboratively with our neighbors in the community to help ease the pain that life can bring. Through identifying and fostering the strengths of each unique person, we can strengthen the fabric of the community. We currently offer services in Burien, Lynnwood, and will soon be offering services in other neighborhoods in Western Washington. 


Training of Mental health promoters

In partnership with Verdant Health Commission we are creating content for a mental health community worker training to begin in September. We hope to continue training new leaders to walk in the community promoting mental health. 



Northwest Detention Center: Calling for volunteers!


This program engages graduate students of psychology and licensed mental health professionals to provide free mental health assessments for migrants detained at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. A psychosocial evaluation is a powerful asset to aid fair legal representation for migrants applying for asylum or other status in the U.S. We work in partnership with Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and other attorneys to identify detainees who need free services for their immigration proceedings. You can read more about the problematic nature of migrant detention and why our work is important here

The Northwest Detention Center program provides a great opportunity for graduate students to gain cultural competence and to stimulate their professional imagination towards social justice. We welcome interns year round.


Psychosocial Evaluations for Immigration Cases

While there are thousands of detainees at the NWDC, there are millions of families and individuals living in our communities who are pouring all of their resources to regularize their status within our broken immigration system. Working in partnership with immigration attorneys we offer low-cost psychosocial assessments to democratize access to good representation for families seeking to obtain status in the U.S. We specialize in extreme hardship waivers, U-Visas, asylum, and Violence against women act (VAWA).


Trainings for mental health professionals and graduate students

Credit: Melanie Cervantes @Dignidad Rebelde

Credit: Melanie Cervantes @Dignidad Rebelde

All of our volunteers, whether graduate students or seasoned mental health professionals, attend our training on how to conduct psychosocial assessments with a focus on immigration proceedings. These trainings empower our providers to conduct assessments that can both effectively help inform a decision on an immigration case and maintain the dignity and safety of our clients during the process. 


community development and community organizing

Thanks to the support of the Social Justice Fund and the Seattle Foundation we are engaging in community development and neighborhood-based organizing in South King County on issues on health, economic opportunity, and housing equity.