Trauma-Informed declarations for immigration. On Site Training


Trauma-Informed declarations for immigration. On Site Training


Psychological trauma is pervasive in immigration proceedings, affecting not only our clients but also all service providers who are exposed to traumatic content.  This is particularly evident in the process of taking declarations. 

In this 2 hrs. training we will help attorneys and their support staff work effectively with their clients’ particular needs to obtain relevant information for their declarations.

In this training you will learn:

  • How to adjust your practice to encourage good quality reporting during declarations.
  • How to help clients cope with their traumatic responses as they share information with you and your support staff. 
  • How to use your natural gifts to identify traumatic responses and create safety for clients and for yourself. 

If your office is in the Seattle area, we can come to your office. Email us if you are farther away.

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