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Psychological evaluations often serve as critical evidence of a client’s past harm, trauma, and fear of future harm, and are thus invaluable to proving eligibility for numerous forms of immigration relief. Puentes’ services have been particularly critical in our work with detained individuals, who face a great barrier to accessing mental health specialists.

For example, one of my detained clients had been kidnapped and tortured by gangs in Mexico due to his sexual orientation. However, it was difficult to obtain actual proof of harm because, out of fear, he did not report the incident to Mexican authorities or seek appropriate treatment. Luckily, I was able to refer my client to a mental health professional from Puentes, who took the time to evaluate his case thoroughly and prepare an evaluation identifying the detrimental effects of the incident on his mental and physical well-being. My client was granted withholding of removal [was not deported] by the Immigration Judge.”

—Leila Kang, Staff Attorney
Northwest Immigrants Rights Project.

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