The Sin Fronteras Resource Guide is Live

Have you ever been sitting in front of a person who urgently needs help you have no idea where to get? 

Well, this is the experience of many of us providing direct services to undocumented neighbors and their families. 

Life without legal status is very hard; families are constantly being burdened by the threats of deportation and detention--which are financially quite costly; think legal fees, processing fees and well, you know about GEO and the NWDC. In addition, both deportation and detention mean the loss of all or at least half an income to affected families.

These financial burdens add up and many families who were financially solvent find themselves in deep financial trouble. Suddenly they can't make rent payments and are evicted, or unable to pay utilities. Don't forget that DSHS does not provide coverage for undocumented migrants. 

Thankfully there is a whole network of care to support families in need in King & Pierce County, but not many of us, working in direct services, know about them.

This is why earlier in the summer, The Church Council of Greater Seattle and Puentes were tasked with producing the Sin Fronteras Resource Guide

This guide is designed with our overworked/underpaid/good-doer colleagues in mind. 

When somebody who, for good reason, is very anxious and stressed out asks you for some information, you can now go to the Sin Fronteras Guide website, and easily find the information you need and can swiftly print it or share it with the client in front of you... everyone's happy :)

We truly hope this guide is as helpful as possible, so if we are missing something or if you have ideas of how it can be better, please do not hesitate to tell us. We are all in this together!

Share this guide as you find it useful.