Letters of Encouragement to our Detained Neighbors

Here's a write up from Allison Gill Sanford, leader of the Immigration Cohort at Quest. Responding to detainees' requests for pen-pals, members of the immigration cohort spent a few hours writing letters of encouragement to a few detainees. Here is their experience:

"At Quest Church this past Sunday, members of the congregation wrote letters to those being held at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA.

Our desire for the correspondence is to encourage detainees that some people do know about their situation, and we care that they are being detained.

We hold out hope for immigration reform that will put a stop to the separation of families.

Many of us believe that the imprisonment at the NWDC constitutes cruel and unusual punishment for a civil offense; furthermore, in many cases detainees are deeply rooted contributing members of their communities, and would not pose a flight risk while awaiting an immigration hearing. While our system remains inhumane and even predatory, we will both reach out to those harmed by our laws, and call on our lawmakers to do what is right and reform our broken immigration system."