Difficult, Meaningful, and Transformative.

This is a post from Catherine Jensen on why she works on psychosocial assessments for immigration cases:

In graduate school, I was introduced to the concept of life as story.  Viewing life through a narrative lens, one begins to notice themes and patterns.  Clarity is gained as one begins to grasp the impact of particular losses and traumas.  Giving context to one’s life events and past behaviors births compassion and awareness. 

When I write reports for immigrant clients and their families, I have the privilege of acting as a story-teller.  More accurately, I get to help someone else tell their story, and assist them in putting the contextual pieces together.  Together, we make some sense of past heartache and loss.   I witness my clients’ strength and resiliency and validate both the interpersonal and structural oppression they have often suffered.

It is a very unique privilege to do work that confronts injustice on both a micro and macro level. It is difficult, meaningful, and I love it.